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Despite Facebook privacy changes and serious cases of Twitter Fail Whale, social media use has increased astronomically since this time last year: During December 2009, global users spent an average of five hours on social networking sites, up from three hours in December 2008. That’s an 82% increase.

Nielsen just released a report on its blog detailing increased social media use, and the results are impressive, while not exactly shocking. Some highlights:

- Social networking sites are the most popular online destinations globally (based on the amount of time people spent there in December), with games and instant messaging coming in second and third, respectively. (Side note: As gaming becomes more popular on sites like Facebook, it will be interesting to see how this affects time spent.) (read more)

Check out Coke’s Expedition206! Wow!

YouTube How To

Official Under the Radar YouTube blog

In the old days, before ubiquitous Internet connections and social networks, I always turned to TV Guide’s Fall Preview issue to get information about my favorite TV shows, find out what was going to make its debut and to find out when I could actually catch said shows. Today, technology and the web has made not only finding information, reviews and opinions of television shows easier and faster than ever before, the online video revolution means that we can actually watch most of those shows from the comfort of our laptops. …read more

Jane’s video below demonstrates some important possibilities in SMM:

1. If you have a niche, begin marketing to it via short, punchy, informative videos NOW.
2. Don’t wait to get it perfect. You are already an “expert” in something. Get yourself out there.

Watch Jane here for inspiration:

Using video to virally propel a message, idea or promotion isn’t anything new in the world of new media marketing. Here’s an insider secret: The idea is to create something good enough, creative enough and sticky enough that people want to talk about it and share it. And the best way to do that is to be loud, funny and outside of the box. Complex and expensive graphics, design and transitions aren’t always the key. Being memorable is.

Create something that you’d want to send to your friends because it made you think, or because it made you laugh. People love to talk, and that conversation can easily be about your brand IF you make the talk worth buzzing about.

Sometimes videos just go viral on their own because they are THAT good. Here’s one example of a video that very accidentally went viral:

Since July 19, this video has received close to 13 million hits, over 100 unique clips and 50,000 comments. The wedding party-including the bride and groom-were even invited to re-create the moment on the Today Show:

JK Wedding Dance – The Today Show

And, after being parodied on the most recent episode of The Office, hits for the same link have spiked yet again.

Like photos, videos can be an extremely effective tool in telling your story. Just remember to make it creative, fresh and most importantly, something you’d pass along to your friends.

With the top YouTube users becoming paid shills for Coke, and the top Diggers being accused of taking e-cash for Digg, it seems that the users of social sites are looking to be rewarded for their efforts.

In fact, there are already plenty of services that will pay you for your participation. Here are nineteen of the best, plus a few bonuses.

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